captivating capiz

September 15, 2008


“Captivating Capiz” is one of the largest country when it comes to seafoods. Capiz have many branches in the field of exporting seafoods and exporting goods in man made way. Capiz also have tourist spots and many beautiful areas where in it can found attractive to the visitors that visited in Capiz. Capiz are devided into districts and each districts are devided into municipality and it is also devided into barangays. Now may I present to you the cleanest and greenest city the Roxas City.

Roxas City Mayor Vicente Bermejo pledge to be the father of the City its responsible is to maintain and build the Roxas as a successful city in the Province of Capiz. Also with the help of his councilors to make Roxas the cleanest and greenest city here in Capiz. The purpose of this “captivating capiz” article is to make some backgrounds for the capizeños to read and make some comments.

Roxas City people are kind and heart loving personality. It is also the best city in terms of hospitals such as RMPH(Roxas Memorial Provincial Hospital, CEH(Capiz Immanuel Hosptal), Capiz Doctors, fire departments that is CACAG, police office that are devided into sections and departments and schools life Filamer Christian College, Colegio de la Purisima Conception, Hercor College, St John, Saint Anthony and many more schools that are recently here in Municipality of Roxas.

The Roxas City is celebrating its fiesta at the month of December. During this celebration many poeple or torist make part of the fiesta celebration. It has more activities to join and to enjoy with. It also have many competitions and more excitement activities when the fiesta comes. Experiencing what is the true capizeños characteristics and personality. Roxas celebrated its fiesta with a remarkable and treasurable experience. Each day of the fiesta had many activities that can attract to the people and make people experience what is Roxas all about. The beginning of Capiz and also each barangay. The making of each barangay and where there name is all about.

Roxas is also devided into 47 barangays each barangays have their own “Punong Barangay” and 7 councilors. They have there own barangay hall and barangay secretary. Each barangay have their own fiesta which they called “religious fiesta” that based on their patron saint. They celebrate their fiesta by making activities such as basketball, singing, dancing, street and an other competitions that are more active and comprehensive. Each house should have foods for their visitors and relatives. Each of the people should participate in every activities that the barangay have. There are also competitions that are related to the theme of the fiesta. Its relation to the patron saint each barangay should have church in order for the people to praise and feel that God is with them. Fiesta is some what called the gatherings of every relatives and love ones. In other way fiesta’s is also important in terms of service and being hospitable.